Successful case of long-distance wireless video transmission of Zhejiang unmanned patrol boat

I. Project Background

Unmanned boat refers to an unmanned and intelligent offshore operation platform that relies on remote control or autonomous navigation on the water. There are many types of smart unmanned boats and research vessels, which can be equipped with a variety of survey and survey equipment, and are suitable for a variety of working environments. The combination of large scientific research vessels can better overcome various difficulties and challenges caused by the complex marine environment and better achieve the scientific research goals.

With the emergence of unmanned boats, wireless communication methods have been applied to this field. Early communication mainly relied on relatively backward communication methods such as digital radio stations and WIFI. Digital radio stations have low transmission rates, poor confidentiality, do not have anti-jamming, anti-multipath fading, and specular emission characteristics. They have the disadvantages of high bit error rates and short distances. WiFi speed is high, but the communication distance is short, which is not practical.

Project requirements

The research and development staff of Suntor spent 4 years elaborately developing long-distance large-data wireless data communication equipment at sea, which can perfectly solve the disadvantages caused by early wireless communication means. Recently, according to customer requirements, our technicians cooperate with users to select actual on-site 1-20KM long-range high-definition wireless video and data transmission tests.


II. Solution

As shown in the figure above: The customer requires stable and real-time effective transmission of video data, control data signals, and collected data of unmanned boats in large lakes with a diameter of about 8-10KM. Our communication engineer and customer technicians conducted a thorough technical solution discussion, and finally selected the ST1410KP series equipment specially developed by our company for unmanned machinery as the main communication equipment, which can easily solve the stable transmission of unmanned boats at high speed High-definition video signals, acquisition data signals, and bidirectional control signals. The problem that the original WIFI means of the user has a short communication distance and is easily susceptible to interference is well solved.


III. Project site


V. Recommended application scenarios:

Suntor‘s offshore wireless transmission equipment can be applied to large offshore platforms such as offshore oil platforms, fishing vessels, merchant ships, official ships, cruise ships, ferries, marine surveillance vessels, marine police vessels, and scientific research vessels, etc., to achieve point-multipoint, multipoint- High-speed long-distance transmission between multiple points has the technical advantage of breaking through the curvature of the earth and achieving high-speed transmission beyond the line-of-sight.