IP MESH Radio Ad-hoc Networking Solutions for Military Police Unmanned Vehicle
Model: ST9633NC
Range: 300-1000meters NLOS in ground to ground,
5-10km open area in ground to ground, >40km in air to ground.
Frequency: Regular L Band 1.4GHz(1427.9-1447.9MHz),                  
Customized 512~582MHz, 570~590MHz, 1240~1300MHz
Data Rate: 70Mbps
Latency: 8-20ms, Relink: 8s
Power: 2W(1.4G), Other Fre is 1W
Receive Sensitivity: -93dBm@5MHz
MESH Node: >32
Encrypted: AES128/256
Waterproof: IP65
Bandwidth: 5.0/10.0/20.0MHz
Consumption: ≤24W
Power supply:24V(14V-36V)
Working Temperature: -40℃~+75℃
Dimension: 163x113x54mm  
Device Weight: 653g
ST9633NC Unmanned Vehicle IP MESH Wireless Ethernet Radio

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