Compared with UAV, unmanned surface vehicle is also very popular

As the saying goes, the sky is wider than the ocean. But compared to the unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky, the unmanned surface vehicle in the ocean may have a more broad application prospects.

Unmanned surface vehicle (USV) can collect global ocean data. The equipment has a wide range of applications, such as patrolling the coastal border, tracking the signs of global warming, the reference - ocean acidification, early detection of oil spills, follow the marine life. Compared to conventional vessel programs, unmanned ships can all-weather collect data automatically in the open ocean at a lower cost.

Intelligent unmanned platform provides robot control and wireless communication network technology for environmental protection, surveying and mapping, sanitation, security and military fields, providing a unmanned intelligent, highly integrated, network-based water automation program, can achieve environmental water quality Sampling, water quality online monitoring, surface cleaning and other functions.

So how to achieve unmanned surface vehicle technology?

The technology of USV involves many problems, such as hydrodynamics, autonomous decision, automatic control, signal processing, network communication and sensor technology, which has high technical difficulty. If the USV want to have stable navigational capability and cope with emergent situations in complex and dangerous sea areas, it is necessary to monitor their equipment operation status in real time, perceive external information, make correct decisions and strictly enforce them. These operations rely on the interaction with the external environment of the sensor system, high-level autonomous navigation system, precise automatic control procedures and stable and rapid network communication technology.

Referred to network communications, that is, wireless video transmission device, which transmit the video from USV camera to the shore receiver through the 3G / 4G network.

The following picture is for the customer to test in the lake

USV is more and more popular, in the recent High-Tech Fair there is such a large military unmanned boat show

USV wireless transmission is similar to UAVs, the difference is that USV can withstand heavier equipment, so the size and weight of equipment will not be restricted, there are two ways to transmission.

First, adopt COFDM mobile devices using microwave transmission, the second is 3G / 4G devices, using 3G / 4G network transmission, as long as there are places where the network can be used, without distance restrictions. About the price, 3G / 4G devices are relatively cheaper, but later network cost is quite high, customers can choose according to their needs.

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