COFDM transmission system can solve UAV difficult video transmission

In recent years, with the rapid development of police UAV industry, police unmanned aerial vehicles to become an important area of UAV applications. Police aviation construction is one of the key work of our public security department. The number of police helicopters police uav have been significantly improved.

Police uav are professional-grade uav, compared to consumer uav for aerial photography, professional-grade unmanned aircraft applied in the field of engineering. In flight time, load, safety and reliability have the higher requirements.


With the development of UAV technology, police UAV in public safety and social management continue to play an important role.

Encounter peak congestion how to do, don’t worry, UAV high-speed patrol to help you solve

UAV monitoring with flexible and accurate features, don’t interfered by terrain and other factors, can effectively monitor the illegal construction or mining hidden behavior , law enforcement team is not easy to enter the field to verify the blind area for law enforcement to provide timely, accurate, high Accurate data pictures, to achieve full coverage of regulatory coverage.

UAV with the advantages of low cost, fast transfer and easy operation, make it has the potential to become an efficient remote monitoring, highway cruise, anti-terrorism, large-scale activities and emergency scene site video transmission can be a kind of universal application in the future.

UAV monitoring is a good way, how to make a long distance video transmission?

Security patrol unmanned aerial vehicles must be able to carry out the task to the farther away, and ordinary UAV transmission system transmission distance is too short and life time is limited. The solution adopt professional COFDM transmission system + UAV comes with the remote control system for long range monitoring.

This system adopts high-penetration low-frequency transmission, don’t worry about frequency interference problems. Small lightweight and low power consumption, which use lithium battery for a long time to use, greatly improving the UAV flight time, long distance monitoring task is not a problem.

Suntor is carrying out UAV transmission equipment research, and gradually cooperate with the major public security patrol units, test the effect of transmission. Exploring the Feasibility Scheme of UAV in Complex Remote Environment.