ST15HMT 15km Drone Video Transmitter PTMP HD Video Maritime Mapping Drone Applied
Frequency:1.4GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz(7km)
Video&Data:HD x1 IP Ethernet x1 TTL x1 
TX Power:0.5W(27dBm)
Consumption:TX 7.5W RX 7.5W
Latency: ≤120-130ms
Rate:4-8Mbps, Max 30Mbps
Dimension:Tx:77x47x23mm Rx:130x90x28mm
Weight:Tx 105g  Rx 320g
15km HD Wireless Ethernet Video Transmitter HD Drone Video Link

1. drone video transmitter                               2. drone video link
3. uav video transmitter                                   4. drone video transmission
5. uav video transmission                                6.drone wireless video transmitter
7. drone transmitter and receiver                    8. drone video transmitter and receiver
9. wireless drone video transmitter                 10. COFDM Video Transmitter

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