Tencent new headquarters building-Tencent Binhai Building construction site wireless video surveillance solution

  In November 2011, the foundation stone of a new Shenzhen landmark project was formally laid on the side of Binhai Avenue, that is, Tencent‘s new headquarters building in Shenzhen-Binhai Building.

  The building is located at the intersection of Houhai Avenue and Binhai Avenue in Nanshan District, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan and a construction area of 345,000 square meters. It is used for Tencent animation games, mobile Internet and search centers and other project facilities, would be completed in 2016.

  As a company at the forefront of the Internet, the design of Binhai Building is also quite unique. Binhai Building includes two buildings-the South Building (248 meters high and 50 floors) and the North Building (194 meters high and 41) Floors), and three red "belts" connect the two buildings intimately.

  As a result, Tencent‘s new headquarters building has the image of "interconnecting building". The main concept of the building is as an "interconnected" tower, symbolizing the interconnection of remote corners of the Internet to more effectively connect all Tencent employees together through a tangible building; at the same time, As a visual gateway to the Shenzhen High-Tech Park.

  As a well-known domestic supplier of wireless video transmission equipment, Tengyuan Zhituo was invited by the project construction contractor to design a professional wireless video transmission monitoring system solution for the security system of the project

  At present, there are a total of four tower cranes under construction at the Tencent Binhai Building. In order to ensure that the person in charge can grasp the progress of the project in real time and ensure the safe and smooth progress of the project, Tenyuan Zhituo set up a high-definition network ball in each of the four tower cranes Machine, each equipped with a 5.8G wireless bridge 58t8g as the transmitting end, the relay point is configured with three wireless bridges 58t8g as the receiving end, of which two wireless bridges receive video from the tower crane in a one-to-two manner. The signals are integrated through exchange, and another wireless bridge sends the integrated video signal to the monitoring center.

  Managers can monitor the construction site conditions in real time through the display screen of the monitoring center.