Suntor - 10km wireless transmission new product test report

  In order to adapt to the market development and meet the wireless transmission needs of more fields, Suntor has undergone rigorous repeated testing for each new product in order to obtain more accurate test data, in order to improve the quality of new products, and experience accumulating experience. Recently, our company has tested the latest wireless transmission equipment independently developed and produced.

  Testing purposes:

  1. 10 km ST58T8GPRO, ST5801GB-M1 device transmission data distance stability;

  2. 10 km ST58T8GPRO, ST5801GB-M1 series equipment for each bandwidth transmission data throughput;

  3. 10 km ST58T8GPRO, ST5801GB-M1 series equipment high, medium and low frequency transmission data throughput;

  4. The ST58T8GPRO and ST5801GB-M1 series devices use different antennas to transmit 10 km of contrast data throughput.

  Test site:

  1. A is located at the seaside of Yanzhou Island in Huizhou ;

  2. B is located at East bay holiday hotel near Huizhou Shuangyue Bay.

  Device test data throughput breakdown:

  After this test, the ST58T8GPRO and ST5801GB-M1 two devices transmitted steadily at a distance of 10 kilometers and fully achieved the expected results. Our technicians have obtained the transmission data and throughput data under the stable transmission of these two devices, which has accumulated valuable experience for later product development.