A Forest Fire Emergency Wireless Video Surveillance Case

  Forest fires are one of the most terrible natural disasters in the world, and they can have devastating consequences for forests. Forest fires not only burn into trees, but also cause very serious damage to the ecological environment in the forest, thereby greatly reducing the ability of the forest to reproduce. Therefore, preventing forest fires is a topic of close concern in various countries around the world. Recently, a forest fire brigade in Indonesia has customized a forest fire emergency emergency wireless monitoring device in our company in order to solve the emergency command needs in the event of a forest emergency.

  Suntor dispatched technicians to the site to carry out surveys and investigations, worked out a complete wireless transmission plan according to the actual situation on the site, and participated in the later installation guidance work.

  Here are the details of the successful installation of the equipment.

  First, the principle of wireless monitoring of equipment

  The entire forest fire emergency wireless monitoring system consists of three parts:

  1, Front end: single launcher (including military ear-mounted HD SDI camera, single launcher)

  2, Mid-end: Digital Relay Transmitter

  3, Rear: High-definition receiving command vehicle with screen

  The front-end guards are equipped with individual soldier equipment to patrol the real-time conditions of the scene through ear-mounted high-definition cameras during patrols in the mountains and forests, and the video signals are transmitted to the rear-end command box group through a portable single-arm launcher. The front-view video screen is displayed in real-time on the screen, and corresponding instructions are given according to the front situation, and can be transmitted to the rear command center through 4G equipment.

  When the front-end protection personnel penetrates the mountain forest or patrols a long distance due to signal shielding, when the front-end real-time picture cannot be smoothly transmitted back to the back-end command box group through the single-arm launcher, the transmission distance can be extended by using a digital relay transmitter, thereby Guarantee the transmission quality of wireless links!

  Introduction to the distribution of project sites

  1, system topology

  2.Front end launch part

  3. Relay

  Project renderings

  If the fixed-point forest fire prevention wireless video monitoring equipment is also arranged at the same time, real-time forest fire prevention monitoring can also be performed without the need for patrol personnel, which greatly improves the management efficiency of forest fire prevention work and effectively speeds up the discovery of forest fires.

  Product introduction:

  Single soldier high-definition wireless transmission system adopts narrow-band wireless transmission mode, supports HD-SDI, HDMI high-definition signal input, the highest picture quality can reach 1080P (downward compatible with 1080I, 720P, 480P, D1), and supports digital and analog interfaces. The device is mainly designed for single-person operation, and is beautifully designed, suitable for single-person operation or on-board, airborne image transmission applications. The device power is up to 5W, the power is adjustable, the bandwidth is adjustable, and manual encryption is available. The transmitting device can customize the HDMI high-definition input signal (also has the CVBS analog signal video input function), and can also customize the SDI high-definition signal input (also has the CVBS analog signal video input function), with a one-way RS232 serial port data transmission function. The serial data is transmitted back to the rear receiver and demodulated (such as GPS data). The device is designed with two-way transmission of voice and RS485 control signal, which can control the rotation and zoom of the camera with control function.

  Equipment frequency support range: 300 ~ 860MHz (video transmission part), 227 ~ 233MHz (reverse part), the equipment structure is exquisite, the transmission distance is long, the actual measurement can reach 1.1km or more under the blocking environment of the factory building in the industrial zone, and the linear distance can reach 15 ~ Above 30km, it can reach more than 50km from the air to the ground.

  The equipment adopts COFDM modulation technology, and the air occupation frequency is adjustable from 1 to 8MHz. It has a strong ability to resist multipath interference. It is more suitable for transmission in complex environments than the ordinary analog technology and conventional modulation technology. Its diffraction ability and movement ability can transmit stable high-definition image signals under high-speed movement.

  The device is widely used in single person carrying video transmission, drone image transmission, unmanned boat transmission, unmanned vehicle, airship, target aircraft, paramotor, robot video signal transmission, on-site video forensics use by law enforcement personnel, emergency deployment control, rescue sites . Can be used with a variety of receiving systems (such as standard 1U receivers, miniature receivers, 7-inch or 9-inch handheld receivers, single-channel video receivers, and four wireless video receivers) , Very practical.

  With this set of forest fire emergency wireless video surveillance equipment, the staff of the Forestry Bureau can observe and monitor the real-time patrol monitoring image of a circle of 5 kilometers inside the forest. Once a forest fire occurs, the use of the fire emergency kit system can grasp the fire situation in a short time, Take immediate fire fighting support. Tengyuan Zhituo has been focusing on the development and application of wireless transmission equipment for 13 years. The company has a complete forest fire emergency wireless video surveillance solution.